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Artist, Architect and sculptor, exhibiting locally and internationally, Sayil Moes has devoted his practice and life to creative expression. Using charcoal as his main tool, Sayil's works explore and portray human paradigms hidden in the subconscious mind. Sayil studied architecture in Los Angeles, CA. and advanced design in Athens, Greece. His interest in creating and expressing himself through visual elements was noticeable at a very early age, and his multicultural education and experience make his works universal in nature, exploring the social, psychological, sexual, and cultural themes and events of our contemporary times. About his art, he expresses: "My art is a means of catharsis, which reflects a universal subconscious, one’s internal dialogues and the evident connection that we all share as human beings". Common to all his work is the deep meaning and empty darkness that surrounds his figures, he draws without the use of grids and does not use reference images as he prefers to draw from the mind. He intentionally leaves marks of the process, which resemble life itself, and his works are spontaneous and do not strive for realism. His main goal is to evoke emotions and portray, through creative expression, the human subconscious.

Sayil Moes technique using charcoal is very appropriate for this creative expression, probably being the first material that humanity used to draw. With superb management of proportion and composition, Sayil goes into the absurd and illogical tapping into his subconscious by freely associating ideas without limits. Using lights and shadows, he randomly stains the paper until reaching that infinite point where there are no limits and new creations are formed, in that universal connection through the subconscious. Sayil gives life to feelings of hysteria, frustration, anger, anxiety, lust, but also of Love and tranquility, through characters that cohabit in the subconscious, where they are free to detach themselves in random forms. 

It is important to note that Sayil's work primarily explores the human subconscious. His drawings invite us to experience new or old connections in our brains, let ourselves flow with them and dive  into the depths of the universal subconscious that unites us as humanity.

Finally, Sayil Moes also documents the detailed process of the making of his drawings, aiming to engage his audience with exciting creative content through social media platforms to share his passion and knowledge with other creators. 

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